Monday, June 09, 2008

It is always fun

I should file as a non-profit this year. I'm spending money so fast that it is hard to keep up with it. Cave is not cooling well. Florist cooler has a hard time working at temps lower than 45 degrees F when it is 120 degrees F in the shop.

Maxine had a heifer. Woohoo. She also had a bull. Not so woohoo. Bull was also dead by the time we could get it out. We caught her a little after noon and brought her to the barn. The calf was dead (probably a while) and blocking the canal. All Dave felt were feet. It was a lot to get the calf around and pull it out. The heifer is fine.

Erin is not officially in GA. A lot to clean up at Mom's.

Marcia is not so good. Still in Cooley Dickenson. Probably until Thursday now. They are working on helping her with pain and some other bits. It is interesting how Dr.'s have a hard time dealing with pain management.

Shirley (Dave's aunt) was up. We like visiting with her. Got to see her yesterday after they went to church.

Hotter than heck out. Steam rising from the ground. Finally got some decent rain. At least a breeze was coming through the valley.

Had visitors out to the farm today. Will talk more about that later. Have to fly...

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