Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sheep Surfing and the Big Wave

Often people who have sheep don't tend to know how many they actually have. I remember one such guy in MA, Cliff Thayer, who when asked how many he had said, "hundred or so. don't really know. If I actually counted them I'd actually know how many I have."

I think that for some goats are the same way. I register the Arapawa goats, so I know them and their birth date and the like. I can recite pedigrees on a number of animals in the barn. Dave, being a good cow man, keeps count for us. When I have more head of small stock than him, I generally get hints about possibly selling some sheep or the San Clemente Island goats...

I was suprised last fall when Dave, who had less head of animals actually got upset when I suggested I sell the ewes I had. He said sheep are like Maple Syrup for him. They lambs come in early spring and they break up the dreary days. We kept them and all but two ewes lambed out. The lambs and ewes went to the lower barn and we moved the goats to the calf barn to kid out. Sheep move with grain, goat... well they are goats.

Male goats are the most disgusting creatures known to man. Own one and you will know what I mean and I'm not talking about the musk scent they are known for. Knick (senior Arapaw buck) and Dave have this dislike for each other. I am the one who has to treat him or worm him.

Goat baby's do have this fun thing they do. They surf. Generally they sheep surf. They especially like it then the ewes have wool on the back to that they can dig their little feet in. Rowan the Goat (actually a sheep with horns and like for high areas) loves to have baby goats surf on him. Ruins the wool, but we use it for mulch under tomato plants anyways.

Only little Arapawa/San Clemente doe kid has decided to go for the big wave. She has started to surf one of our bigest cows, Frosty. Frosty is an Ayrshire, but she is more of a Red Holstein in size. Moonbeem jumps right up when the cow is laying down and runs up and down the old cow. I want to see what happens if the old girl tries to get up! Frosty doesn't seem to mind/acknowledge the baby goat.

Dave is actually warming up to the goats with Moonbeam surfing cows and him saving Pomegrant. Heck I saved Penny the Hooch and the dog has been my nemisis since I met her. I think we are both softies at heart and appreciate all of our animals.

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