Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gary the Cat

My daughter has a cat. I don't care for cats. They aren't dogs.

Kyle Fredericks gave it to her. Nice girl. Babysat for a year or so. Her father is a dairy inspector. He is ok too. Bob (our old silo unloader) is her uncle. He found the creathure in Carl Stone's milking barn. Kyle does have a thing with animals and got it good start. Birthday present.

If it weren't for the hair and his habit of walking on my counters, I could get to like the thing. I don't like hair in and on everything. I don't like animals that walk in poo on my counters... Dave laughs, I bleach it down constantly. Maybe a cat was good for the counters. They didn't get bleached as often before.

People give you that look. You know, the "Gary?!?! What a name for a cat" look. The disclaimer is then needed. You know Sponge Bob right? Claire went through a Sponge Bob phase. The name fits the cat. It is also Claire's cousin's name. I hope he was ok with it. He likes cats and this one, apparently, is like the one he lost last year.

As far as creatures owned by a toddler to be little girl go, he is a Godsend. Boy he lets her do anything. Generally it is the two arm hold and run through the rooms. Today it was a bath in the sink "to get the stains off". Stains? He was wet and smelled of hand soap. She thinks there are no stains. Gary is now hiding. I see him, but I won't tell.

Joey (dog) likes the cat as well. Generally it is a stalking, what is the furry, I want to eat it but they are looking at me "like". They do play when we aren't looking. It is his obsession. Border collies need obsessions. Keeps them as sane as a border collie can be. Right now he is laying at the bottom of the stairs looking up. The cat is hiding up stairs and it is a dog free zone (except during thunder storms). He'll stay there until the dog dish is filled, he goes for his walkies, or I ask him to sleep in his bed.

I made Caerfili last night. A milkier whey than the other cheeses. I'm thinking it is the cheese Linda Smith wasmaking when I was showing Aissa how to make my Quark. That had a lot of milky whey and she only said it was a hard cheese. She could have said Caerfili for all I cared. I never follow recipes to the letter anyways. Have to adjust according to the milk and room temps, etc.

Very velvety curd. With the Aroma B addition in Margaret's recipe, it develops quite a lovely smell. I dumped the last of my pH buffer (moron) and had to wing it. I think I rushed things a bit. It looks fine. The trimmings from taste good, with a sour, creamy, I'm not done ripening British cheese taste. I'll have to tweek it a bit. Had to increase temps of cook a wee bit due to the cold temps in the room. Ordered the Ta deal from Margaret to switch to that. I'm definetly going to play with that one during the morning makes and when it is warmer out. I think I'll stick to feta or tallegio styles in evening makes. I'm too old for the 12:30 into the house for last time routine. I have a blasting head ache from lack of sleep this morning.

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