Friday, March 17, 2006

baille nach t'na faille paudrig

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I'm not sure if I remember the spelling correctly.

It is a cold day. Very windy for the parades tomorrow. People will have plenty of excuses to drink whiskey over the weekend. Saw an ad for Smithicks beer when I was back in MA. I drank that when I was in college in Dublin in the mid-90's. Didn't see it anywhere though. Maybe only by the pint or something...

There is an old saying my Irish Grandmother had, "Glad to see you, glad to see you go..." At first you'd wonder if she had an afliction that rendered her immune to social interactions, but as I grow older, I truely understand that saying. Family is great. I miss them when Dave, Claire and I are alone and I miss being alone when I am with the families.

Dave saved an Arapawa buck kid. Pomegrant almost died. I tubed him and he was doing the dish rag, cardboard legs head swinging back lip up death thing. Dave pronounced him un-saveable and after loosing Peg last week he thought I should leave for MA earlier than planned. The poor thing was breathing when he went for chores that night. He gave him the Karo syrup and 5cc of goats milk via tube. He is so small that I am actually using a dog catheder for the urinary system. To say the least, Dave performed miracles. The little guy is still alive. He has him up to 1 oz. of milk. Today we put him back on his mother and will supplement him with sheep replacer. We'll see. Se shots and Karo syrup. Have we finally found the secret to these rare goats?

Made no cheese last week. Made no cheese this week. Plan to do some tomorrow. Brine came back negative for coliform. Donna suggested I may not have pressed it enough. I will calibrate the press again (put scale under it and see what the press is). Who knows. I kept the cheeses and will send in a half block to the lab before c&w.

Sold some Honey Gouda to Old Creamery in Cummington. Glad to see Alice and Amy. Nice women. Brought some to the "party" at Mom's house. She took some to UMASS to let proffs try it out. Guess they liked it. I learned that even with mucor bettles in the one cooler, I can make some damn good tasting cheese. I liked the moisture and everything. Nice eye development. The beeswax is so fragile. Cracks in delivery. I have to devise a way to ship these wheels without developing cracks in the wax coating.

New restaurant in Caz. has cheese too. Circa. Nice chef, Alicin. I sold her a 6# wheel. I hope she can sell to the Madison County crowd. Guess there is an uproar because she is selling a burger for $10. It has local organic ingredients. I don't see the problem. It got her some Syracuse press through. Good on! Dave and I want to try to go there soon.

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