Monday, October 03, 2005

Imitation best form of flattery??

I'm suppose to tell myself that I am the "cheese goddess" and do that whole stand in front of the mirror after brushing my teeth and patting down the cowlicks grinning like I believe it thing. It is suppose to help the weakened self-esteam one has after being repeatedly kicked in the stomach.

I talk to other direct marketers and cheesemakers. They have all had is happen. You spend time researching and developing something that customers like and instead of coming up with something new or something complementary, some moron copies you!

First it was the fresh mozzarella. They corner me on the loading dock asking me personal marketing questions about my cheese...which do the stores prefer balls or braids... should they be 8 oz or 1#... Then I hear rumors that gouda is on again off again and now in the cheese workshop. Cream cheese and feta are made by another person assiciated with them... Cheese workshops and the same consultants that I brought out are even hired to hold workshops and work with them, right smack after my workshops...

The thing that I know is that I can run circles around ALL of their cheesemakers. I also know that while they have all of the free press and technical help complementing their grant money, pet farms (term used to describe farms that are lavished attention by agencies at the expense of all other farms) NEVER make it. They fail because they are not sustainable before or after the grant money and eventually people realize that all of their attention - their career even - was for nothing.

It just frustrates me because I really believe in a sustainable food system and think that there is enough room for GREAT food that they don't have to feel I am competition. Hell, they can swamp my markets just by the very nature of the fact that they have a vat city and hired help. I still have little faith in their ability to see the true reason behind "organic" or why they could be a real catalyst for change. There is a great opportunity there and the sad thing is that the indapendant agenda's of every person assocaited with that farm is going to be exactly why they fail.

That and their cheese is crap rubbery industrial shit that whould kill a pig!

Too many Christians are so damn greedy that they cannot get beyond this need for self fulfillment to see that faith is about working towards the greater good of all, not just themselves. If all of us work together, there is an opportunity for the establishment of a farmstead cheese INDUSTRY in this area. You know help all of us make more money...

I'll just wait. I can make my cheeses and their cheeses. In the end I will win because I am better than they are! Fools. I AM THE CHEESE GODDESS!

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