Wednesday, August 17, 2005


God, I'm exhausted. I still have to stretch the mozzarella. This is crazy. The pasteurizing has to be moved to the farm as well. I cannot have people standing over me looking at what I am doing. I cannot have them telling others what I am doing. I also have to establish boundaries and stand up for myself more. I have to me more confident in my cheesemaking. I am good. I know that. I just have this fear of letting everyone down lately. This is just when I am getting help from some really great people. I need to finish the mozz and go to bed. I need to go back to the plant in the morning and see what I missed. Put things away on the drain table. Pick up my calander. Wash the floor under the wash vat better... missed some curd Tuesday and it needs some better attention. Take my cheese home and do Wednesday's deliveries. I missed them.

I hope Claire doesn't mind being woken up early again. Poor "Bear". At least she is humoured by playing with elbows and gaskets under the drain table. She even made a neat structure involving a glass beaker, an elbow, a pint filler part and some other odd bits. Had to wash them again, but she didn't go near the steam line again. Good thing that is insulated. She is in the "don't do that" - do that mode.


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