Sunday, August 07, 2005

OK, so it was easier...

I just went ahead and told Harry to go ahead and set up the slide-on. Asside from needing a door handle and lock in place of a 2 x 6 and a cement block, it is holding temperature pretty well. Humidity is still too low. Will have to do something about that. Will dry things out too much otherwise.

Still trying to finish the b.plan templates for Steve. When the "to-do" list is 8 pages - two sided- it takes a lot to concentrate. I should just give up on the idea of turning all of them in at the same time and just give him the two that are done and then the others on the 19th. Boy, could I use the cash to finish these little things like aging capacity and sinks (for Bob).

Dave suprised me and went with Claire (aka co-piolet) and I to Regional Access to drop the cheese off. He did need to get away and we all needed that rare "family time". We also went to the Kirby picnic. Got to see Joanne and Travis from Syracuse Real Foods and ate good food. They had the bon-fire and there was good conversation all of the way around. Traded fresh moz, triple creme quark and moz curd for grass-fed beef. I also eye-balled the lamb I want (since my rams were too young to go beyond hoof-holding and giggling this fall). I need a good lamb stew and some kebabs on the grill!

Have more people interested in the Italian Cheese class. Have to finalize everything and get fliers out. Making Colwick and moz curd tomorrow. Woohoo!

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