Friday, October 14, 2005


Rona Sullivan was out a couple of weekends ago. We did a Traditional Cheeses workshop with Bonneyclabber cheeses. I was hoping for 6-8 people. We got that. I think that everyone had fun. I hope to have Rona out again in the spring.

Peter Dixon comes next week. That is the Italian Cheeses workshop. A small group again, but the people that have signed up seem pretty focused on making cheese. I like that.

Lisa and I are going to do workshops as well. With her ability to cook amazing food and my ability to make amazing cheese... People will learn quite a bit and eat very well. That is what it is all about, great food being made in CNY!

I'm also thinking of making gluten-free ricotta pies and tarts. I got that inspiration while reading the "Great American Cheeses" book and talking to the guy at Fortney Packaging about my Quark packaging. I think that it could be interesting...

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