Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Trying for Normal

Went with Lisa to Syracuse. She is having issues with her neck and needed help with egg boxes. I needed to get out and try this Mexican restaurant she kept telling me about.

Sold 11 1/2 wheels of cheese last week. Most via mail. That is interesting. Beeswax doesn't hold up well in the mail. I have to research better ways to pack the cheese and break down and get the polar tech freezer blocks like I had with the meat for Farmer's Markets in MA. Found a great Mail & Ship kinda place in Utica when the Frontier server crapped out and I couldn't get UPS labels or a pick up. Cheaper by 10% to ship and they can send FedEx or UPS, which ever is cheaper. I think I will focus on the Local Harvest and eCommerce thing after all.

Still have the nervous rash. That is what I figure it is...nerves. Forget the meds. More yucky side effects than the origional symptom. You know, no sleep in 10 days, swolen face, confusion and lack of reasoning skills, constipation, blurred vision and spontanious asthma attacks! I'll take the migrating rash thank you verrrrry much!

Renate cannot make cheese until she gets a cooler. No space. Ordering the 6 x 10 walk in pretty quick. We took the shed down a couple of weekends ago now. Well all but the part Dave HAD to keep. He doesn't want it now. Didn't think he would, but it is like the old tee-shirt that guys just cannot throw away. Rats dug out the west side of that foundation. No signs of them there now. I think I may have to dig the whole thing out and start cement all over again.

Tim still has to get feta out of my cooler. He didn't make Hamilton last weekend. 24 goats to milk in the spring. I cannot find him free money. I hate to admit, but he will have to take on some debt to get started and try for grants for the cheese part. He does seem a lot happier now that he doesn't have that IBA giant on his back.

Travis and Chris said they found the blogs. Here I thought this was under the radar... That is okay. I guess I will not be able to vent quite so much ;~>. Well, off to find the tv remote so Claire can watch the Wallace & Gromit Ware Rabbit DVD we got today! Woohoo, no more materialistic princess toys! I like the idea of "you only have $x.XX to spend. I am learning what those cost and ...oops it isn't in the budget, let us buy this educational kinda book or this DVD that is quite entertaining and doesn't involve the Disney Paris Hilton!

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