Thursday, July 28, 2005

Evolution of Cheese Business

Well, I finally did it. I quite that job. I've been busier since I did that. Increased production, found a distributor, got my plant license... We've made gouda on the farm now. Need to upgrade aging facilities. Bought a slide in for our truck pretty cheap and have a guy to look at it today. (will eventually be a dedicated brine room).

Peter Dixon will be out to do an Italian Cheeses class in October. I'm working on a couple of other cheese classes. Will have a flier out today for that class. I hope to have different speakers/cheesemakers out. I want to invigorate people in this area. Have more GREAT cheese being produced here.

Our dairy plan is small. 13'6" x 14'2". That includes the boiler room. The cut & wrap room is in the house (seperate entrance to outside). I am trying to get my head around aging and caves. I think I will have to push more cheese so that I can justify going to NYC this winter for a couple of days. I want to see the new "caves" at Murray's and also see Artisinal's caves... I have a list of northeast cheesemakers to visit as well. I think a winter tour (hopefully when they are not making cheese) can work for a few people...

Gouda and Havarti. That is what I have settled on for now. They are waxed and can handle my rustic aging conditions. Eventually, we will do others... I'm still searching for that sexy cheese.

Well, off to finish business plans for clients so that I can finance aging. Yes, started consulting again. Flex time and more meaningful work...I need that aging facility (and groceries).

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