Monday, November 29, 2010

Mission and Goals II

We have had our first volley of conversation about what it is that we want to achieve or do in the next 10-years. Going back to those goals. Revisiting the mission statement.
*I want to milk 15 cows
*I want to sell my veal calves at a sustainable price
*I want to retire from full-time farming in 10-years
*Should we buy this one hay piece that we use and is for sale?
*I need help with forage harvesting
*I do not want to work myself into the grave..
*I want to hire someone to do afternoon chores
*I want to hire someone to do affinage
*I want to make enough cheese to provide all of us a sustainable income
*I am not the retirement plan for Dave
*I want to make dulce de leche and dulce de cajeta as well as cheese
*I want to invest in someone that is willing to learn, but has a benefit to my business rather than just offer workshops and do consulting...

This is a start. This is where we are in the process of bringing our goals back and rethinking our mission.

So far it is agreed that we may need to hire 1 1/2 people. The processing business MUST expand if we are going to pay for all of this. It looks like consulting and workshops are going to be replaced with intern/business partner type arrangement. Dave may want to replace pasture veal with milking in 10-years.

We want to talk to Claire too. She is 8-years old and her decisions will make an impact on what we do after this 10-years are up (succession planning). Right now, she needs to focus on being Claire. The question is, she loves to be in the barn milking her goats every night. This is 7-days a week. Is this too much for her? Does she just want to go to 2-milkings a week and try something else like swimming?

After we get this sorted, then we go on to enterprise budget for 1 1/2 people and what it is that we want from an employee. How much is a sustainable wage? Is there someone local (with housing), or do we have to import someone looking for housing as well as salary...

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Mimi Foxmorton said...

How wonderful you run your world!
As a 'Goat Borrower' I can tell you that you are blessed to have goats! :)

Your blog is a good read!

Best wishes with answers to all your questions!
Have a bright and happy New Year!