Thursday, June 25, 2009

Schenectady Greenmarket

Marge from Argyle Cheese Farmere rang to see if I would fill in her space at Schenectady Greenmarket on Sundays. It is a hike and I have to figure out who will milk the goats, but we agreed to do it. The market is new and is well run. I have also decided to do only Producer Only markets. We will bring:
Fromage Blanc
Triple Cream Quark
Fresh Mozzarella
Fresh Mozz curd
Dunlop curd
Labneh (Greek Yoghurt)
flavored bits of this and that
As the market progresses, I'll bring a tomme and some other aged cheeses.

We are not certifying the cheese side, only the cow dairy. We switched from ProCert to Baystate Organic Certifiers and to make it easier, we are doing it this way.

Come see us at the Market!

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ehagan919 said...

I was wondering if you would like free tickets to the Farm to Table conference on June 5 in Seneca Falls, NY? You can find more information here:

Let me know & I can mail them to you.

Thanks! Erin