Friday, December 15, 2006

aging bit starting to happen

I don't have the trust fund or the huge financial backing, so I will not be building the cave. Too bad really. Great way to reduce my utility expenses. I did get the single door reach-in cooler the other day. A simple one that will go into the plant to brine/dry cheeses. That should do a lot towards my elimination of rind yuck that I battle with on a daily basis.

I hope to have things together enough to complete the whole Phase III part of my plan by March 2007. I am working in that direction. With the wet weather we were set back financially with the need to purchase the bale wrapper. I'm just getting things around enough to push this to the next step.

My goal is 10,000# of cheese in 2007. Do or die (hopefully quick and with a smile) I will do it. I also need to push for the 100 gal. vat. We have little milk over the winter. I need to calculate how much I need to process to cash flow the winter. I've already lined up the "other" products to sell in the farm stand. There is Arapawa goat soap, High Mowing seeds, thorvin and north american kelp, sea salt, redmond salt, thinking about cheese making stuff... Honey, beeswax products, milk, butter, eggs, I have the coffee maker...

The double Glaucester turned out interesting. I am intersted in the final outcome. The Small Holders cheese experiment turned out pretty well. Very mild, but I think that it how it is suppose to be. Honey Gouda sold out just after Christmas to my suprise. I think I'll need 20 wheels a week at current sales to make it til New Years next year. Not bad for 12-18# wheels!

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