Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Almost too tired

Here it is the second day and I'm almost too tired to post today. I think I have Bronchitis. That whole coughing without it amounting to more than lack of breath and a sore throat. Two weeks into it. I hate Doctors. Not them as people, it is just that going to one is like admiting that you are broken or something.

I sent in my paperwork to sell cheese through Heritage Food USA. The questions weren't too deep. I was hoping for more of a probe into the philosophy behind the importance of local food systems and biodiversity of livestock agriculture. I guess I was suppose to tell them I feed no grain and that I was a Doctor until two years ago and then I turned to cows in some desire to cleans the world of HTST standardized milk or something. I just told them the truth about our farm and invited them to come and visit for themselves.

I like what they did for the rare turkeys. We sold them throug our farm stand before the Slow Food - Heritage Turkey project. Nice birds, great project they started. My neice Hannah liked to whistle or say something to them to get them to gobble. The colours were fabulous. We started them in February and March to finish in two size ranges for Thanksgiving. I loved the Slates. I also had Burbon Red and Jersey Buff birds. The Burbons and Slates were the lowest maintenence of the three. The Jersey Buff finished nicer though.

My favorite way to cook them was to stuff them with apples and quartered onions. My sister also had this way of preparing them with garlic pierced into the flesh and stuffed with ginger, garlic, green onions and some mushrooms. Wow!

I will be at Glynwood Center in the Hudson Valley to look into doing the Community Markets on Monday the 28th. Miriam Haas is the coordinator for that. Nice woman. I think that she is passionate about bringing good food into the metro-NYC area. I like people who are willing to look into what it takes not only to raise the food, but also the logistics of that process. I think she is one of the more realistic people in the Market Manager position that I have talked to. I look forward to selling product into "the city."

Well it is getting late and I still have to see what I can take for this "cold". Maybe I'll make some Cocky-Leeky soup tomorrow... Mmmm.

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